High-Quality Infusion Pump Replacement Parts

When it comes to maintaining and repairing infusion pumps, choosing the right replacement parts is crucial. Above All Medical Parts offers a large inventory of replacement parts available to ship same day. We have factory certifications for the BD/Alaris modules and ICU Plum pumps with over 15 years experience recertifying OEM parts. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that your equipment continues to operate smoothly, minimizing downtime and providing consistent patient care. Our parts lists for their associated infusion pumps and modules are available below for download.

A group of electronic components sitting on top of each other.


BD / Alaris

8100 LVP, 8015 PCU, 8120 PCA, and 8110 Syringe modules

A large white and blue machine with a digital display.

Alaris 8100 LVP

A blue and white machine with a button on the front.

BD 8100 LVP

A picture of the alaris pc device.

Alaris 8015 PCU (4.7")

A large electronic device with buttons and an image of the word " carefusion ".

Alaris 8015 PCU Large Screen (5.7")

A device that is on display and has buttons.

Alaris 8015 PCU Large Screen (5.7")

A digital thermometer is attached to the wall.

Alaris 8120 PCA

A machine that is sitting on the ground.

Alaris 8110 Syringe


Plum A+, Plum 360, Medfusion 3500, Medfusion 4000

A machine that is sitting on the floor.

Plum A+ Mednet


Plum A+ non-Mednet


Plum 360

A medical device is sitting on the table.

Medfusion 3500

A machine that is sitting on the floor.

Medfusion 4000


Sigma Spectrum, InfusOR


A white electronic device with a screen and buttons.

Sigma Spectrum

A device that is used to measure the temperature of water.